Easton Pennsylvania. Took a wrong turn off the I-80 and 60 miles, 2 1/2 hours later, a last minute Airbnb reservation, we find ourselves enjoying a 2 night stay in a 2 bedroom suite near Centre Square in this fantastic mix of country life with a small city center. 

We (Shimra and I) thought we were making an Airbnb reservation for a 1br apartment in a persons building. A condo or similar with nice amenities. A pool, fitness center… We had driven for 3 hours and eaten a 2 hour meal, it was 2 pm and time to find a place. It was the first night so we decided to splurge and get this place. It was another 60 miles west which was great so we booked it and went to buy our bathing suits! 

Then we get here .. 🙂 

It’s a hotel and we get upgraded! So we decide to extend the stay until Tuesday and are looking forward to exploring Easton today.


Last night we had dinner at a seafood place because the hotel said there weren’t any steakhouses and I got served one of the best NY strip steaks of my life! Food is relatively cheap. It’s gonna be a fun vacation! Look for some upcoming posts from myself and Shimra!  

Off to the dunkin that opens at 6:30 but closes at 7pm on Sundays!

Sorry guys this is all I can keep my attention focused to write while in the ummm office. 

Stay Zen. 

“Wandering but not lost”. – some dude, and or panda. 

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