Stop and Smell the Roses…(yes it’s a Cliche, so what?]

At first, walking along the trails of NYC was a fun way to spend Saturday mornings with a friend. Somewhere along the way, these outings became more meaningful and I began looking forward to them. Nothing can compare to rising at the crack of dawn, while it is still peaceful and quiet outside and beginning our Saturday adventure. Funny how I’ve lived in NYC my entire life without any real awareness of my surroundings. For example, I’ve always seen the Brooklyn Bridge simply as a way to travel into the city. It wasn’t until I began walked over the bridge on our first hike that my perception of it changed. I took in the  writings of those journeying over the bridge. Each phrase, picture, and heart has an unknown story behind it that my imagination can only toy with. The view of the city was spectacular.  Of course there were runners and cyclists to contend with, however, they added life to the city and heightened the experience. There have been several hikes since that first  and on each, something unexpected occurred.  Some highlights…walking through drenching downpours in the Bronx….tattoo stops…. interesting places to eat….. unexplored  neighborhoods.

Looking forward to next time…..

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